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Just did this little will be an album cover...anybody want to decide where to use it? You can nominate your band...

Get to (K)No(w) More 60s #4

Another installment of GTKM6s...This time, it's Paul Conant of Ununi, Ecstasy Crisis, and Streight Angular. Give Mr. Conant a snuggle...

1) Paul "CoCo Mc G"
2) I'm in Ununi, Streight Angular, and play solo as Ecstacy Crisis
3) Have One on Me by Joanna Newsom, as well as Hans Grubel KrankinKabinet, and dance mixes (Fela Kuti, RJD2) - and Sun Ra! Van Morrison is sick.
4) My Dad's 12-string Acoustic guitar
5) Saharasia/The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, both by James DeMeo, Ph.D - Terrence McKenna, Christopher Hyatt are two authors I've been reading a lot lately
6) Legos, Origami, I liked to copy maps and memorize foreign alphabets
7) I'm in love with everything
8) There was an Ununi show from probably more than a year ago where we played to 2 people at the All Asia and we blew them away
9) I wish I could tell ya. I'll see when I get there. It would be a functional commune - that part I know.
10) Ecstacy Crisis is working on an album called 'Everything Inside of You'. It won't be out for a while - in the meantime, I'm gonna try to do a miniature bicycle tour around New England. Most of my songs are coded blueprints for the construction of more agreeable spaceships and blatant messages to Mother Nature-HQ (at the same time, usually). Ununi is working on 'Victim', our 4th album. It's a bit of a return to our noisier past. More vibraphones this time though. Also, as an official Tsar of the Guns and Dope Party, I'd like to endorse Ununi for anyone who strictly doesn't believe in anything. Streight Angular is gaining some buzz. The band has begun incorporating enormous vocal harmonies that sound beautiful, like Pixies-meets-Brian-Wilson w/ a little PBR and colorful wind-breakers. We have recently been nominated in the Boston Phoenix for 'Best New Band of 2010'.
11) A man was placed in a cage, at a very young and impressionable age. And he was told, over and over again: you are a goat! Years went by, and finally, the door to the cage was opened, and the man was told to exit. Though the door-frame was easily large enough to walk through, the man exclamed: I can't fit through the door, my horns are too big! Get it?

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Get to (K)No(w) More 60s #3

This lovely column continues with Dan Ashley (Dash) from Hi Dash, Blackbox Curators, Glass Ink, and more...he's our webmaster and one of the heavyweights of the NM6R family....

1) Name:

2) Affiliated acts
Primarily: Total Perfection, Glass Ink, Blackbox Curators, Hi Dash

in the past there's been ASHBROWN, I THE EYE, A Million Hands, Harriet & the Tubmens

3) Record you're listening to the most right now
Infinite Body's Carve Out the Face of My God

4) Favorite piece of music equipment you own
RC-20 Loop Pedal

5) Last book you read?
What's the What by Dave Eggers
reading: Tom Robbin's Still Life with Woodpecker now

6) Favorite video game, board game, or game you played as a child?
Bushido Blade 2.. or uh, FF7, or uh Ragnarok Online

7) Tell us something weird about yourself
I really dig crystals and astrology/astronomy/space/life on a celestial scale

8) Favorite place you've ever played
They've all been a blast, but the CX show kicked major ass

9) Place you want to live
Europe/Brooklyn/Where the weather suits my clothes and the people are creative

10) Any news about the acts you're with?
Slowly squeezing out tunes for my solo project, Hi Dash, and subsequently working on a few jams with M. Hansen in Blackbox Curators

11) Anything you want to tell the world?
Cheer the fuck up & pull your head outta your ass. We got this.

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Get to (K)No(w) More 60s #2

Today is Mr. Chris Gross....Sparkly, sexy, Chris Gross...


~My acts are: Grosƨ (also neon foxface in early recordings), Gingerbred Kids, Glass Ink, and Wish for Skin (last time I checked). I have also worked with UNUNI, I THE EYE, and have a release with Residents of Mortville called WISS GROSS.

~My favorite piece of music equipment is my ZOOM H2 recorded mic. Gotta love clean field recordings.

~I just finished Glamorama the other night. Now I cant wait for Zoolander 2!

~My favorite video game ever has to be Dragon Warrior for the nintendo. It was my first RPG and my babysitter at the time was able to get really far in it which made him cool vicariously making the game cool. and i loooove Clue

~Something weird? I lived in japan for two years when i was 6-8. Not weird enough? When I was 10 i carried a fake severed head around school and called it Fred for like a week.

~My faaaaaavorite place to play might have been the rabbit hole with CX. The I the Eye set was sonically and visually epic... and un-recorded. CX had me do visuals for them which was really fun. I do miss the vibes of the All-Asia shows though.

~I think if i could choose where to be it would be in the middle of the city with all the people and places right at my doorstep. Alternatively I would be happy living isolated by the beach where the sound of the waves would help me keep comfortable when living a slower lifestyle.

~I have a new album coming out some point soon tentatively called Migraine. I've been working on it for a few years now and has songs on it that i started playing at All Asia shows. Summer's almost here and that means Gingerbred kids are gonna have time to record too.

~Dear World,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get to (K)No(w) More 60s

This week this blog will have articles that have a nice Q&A with some of the NM6R artists...

Today we kick off with....JUSTIN P of Itheye!

1) Name
Justin P

2) Affiliated acts

3) Record you're listening to the most right now
Arthur Russell- Calling Out Of Context

4) Favorite piece of music equipment you own
Micro Korg

5) Last book you read?
Buster Keaton:Tempest in a Flat Hat

6) Favorite video game, board game, or game you played as a child?
Earth Worm Jim

7) Tell us something weird about yourself

8) Favorite place you've ever played
Ulteria Industrial goth club CT

9) Place you want to live
Zalam or pepper land

10) Any news about the acts you're with?

11) Anything you want to tell the world?
Every things going to be ok